How to use this website

Just Living Books is a documentation of my own family’s approach to homes learning, both what we have literally done and ideas for what I am planning in the future. This is a description, not a prescription for anyone!

I am not writing a curriculum intended to be followed as is — much of what I document or plan here is very tailored to our family’s situation. I probably wouldn’t even do things the same way again twice if I had the chance, simply because my own personal interests are constantly shifting!

However, I’ve had lots of conversations (online and offline) with other homeschooling families over the years about how to plan and implement home learning. I often find myself providing a lot of the nitty gritty details of what we do in our own home. I don’t think that we’re doing homeschooling “right” or “perfectly,” but my children and I have for the most part enjoyed our experience together. It feels organic and interesting to all of us, and we’ve worked through some glitches in ways that might be useful to others to read about.

I also, personally, love the research and curation involved in planning each year. I love looking for quality living books on topics I think are important. I have found many gems that I am so happy to share with other families who might also be looking for books that don’t necessarily get included on the typical book lists. I also seek to fill the open niche for a Charlotte Mason approach that uses more contemporary, secular, and politically progressive texts.

But, please do not look at this website and think: “I’ll just do what Katie did!” Use it as inspiration, as a way to learn about how you might approach your own home learning experience. Maybe you’re just starting out and trying to wrap your head around what home learning could look like in practice in your home, and our example can help you think about the possibilities. Perhaps you might want to adopt the same five-year history sequence, but your family may want to read more or less history in each year than we do. Or, you might not be interested in the same sequence at all but just come here for inspiration or “just living” book ideas.

Take what works for you, and make it yours! Happy home learning!